How To Send Thousands Of Cold Emails A Day With Instantly: From 0 to 10K


Mastering High-Volume Cold Email Campaigns with Instantly: From 0 to 10K

Scaling your startup from ground zero to an impressive 10,000 prospects is an ambitious goal. What if I told you that you can achieve this by sending up to 1,000 cold emails every day? Welcome to the realm of high-volume email campaigns powered by Instantly’s outbound automation tool. This article unveils the step-by-step process to conquer this strategy, helping you accelerate your startup’s growth with targeted outreach.

Introduction: The Art of Scaling through High-Volume Emails

Sending a staggering 1,000 emails daily might sound audacious, but when executed strategically, it can be a game-changer for startups targeting a large market or operating within precise timing windows. In the following sections, we’ll explore the comprehensive strategy that combines Instantly’s power with a well-thought-out approach.

The Two Pillars of High-Volume Email Success

  1. Market Size Matters: Before diving into the technicalities, assess your market size. For businesses eyeing expansive markets with numerous potential customers, high-volume email campaigns can be a game-changing approach.
  2. Timing: Catching the Right Moment: Timely communication is invaluable. Just as you received an email at the perfect moment, your high-volume email can do the same for your prospects.

The Six Key Steps for Sending High-Volume Emails

Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of orchestrating a successful high-volume email campaign.

1. Acquire Multiple Domains

Prepare by acquiring multiple domains. Consider variations of your primary domain, adding prefixes like “try” or “go.” Aim for five to ten domains initially, with room for expansion.

2. Harness the Power of Instantly

Embrace Instantly, the outbound automation tool designed to manage your high-volume campaign. Its unlimited email accounts and warm-up capabilities make it a cost-effective and scalable choice.

3. Domain Warm-Up: A Crucial Step

Warm up your domains to prevent spam issues. Instantly’s built-in domain warm-up feature uses machine-generated emails within warm-up pools to ensure a smooth start.

4. Gather Leads with and Wiza

For emails to work, you need leads. Tools like and Wiza prove invaluable for gathering a consistent stream of email addresses. Wiza, for instance, leverages platforms like LinkedIn Sales Navigator to yield targeted leads.

5. Crafting Effective Emails

Solid emails are the cornerstone of your campaign. Run A/B tests to fine-tune your messaging. Experiment with video links, value propositions, and more. High-volume campaigns thrive on data-driven improvements.

6. Gradual Scaling of Email Sends

Now comes the moment to deploy your high-volume campaign. Start with a modest volume—around 15-20 emails per domain daily—for a week. Gradually scale up to 30-40 emails per domain while closely monitoring bounce rates and inbox placement. Adapt your strategy to optimize deliverability and impact.

Key Takeaways: From Concept to Execution

In summary, conquering high-volume cold email campaigns demands a blend of market understanding, strategic timing, and adept execution. Remember these key takeaways as you embark on your journey:

  • Market Size and Timing: Tailor your strategy to the market’s size and the optimal timing windows.
  • Six-Step Roadmap: Follow the six-step process, from acquiring domains to scaling up email sends.
  • Data-Driven Adaptation: Embrace experimentation and data analysis to fine-tune your approach.

This guide equips you with the tools and insights to conquer high-volume email campaigns and transform your startup’s trajectory. Embrace the challenge, learn from your experiments, and watch your outreach efforts yield remarkable results.

1. Acquire Multiple DomainsSecure diverse domains to kick-start your campaign.
2. Harness InstantlyUtilize Instantly for unlimited email accounts and warm-up features.
3. Domain Warm-UpWarm up domains with Instantly’s built-in feature.
4. Gather LeadsUse and Wiza to gather a consistent stream of leads.
5. Crafting Effective EmailsRun A/B tests to create impactful email content.
6. Gradual ScalingStart small and scale up email sends while monitoring performance.

Instantly’s Pricing Plans and Features Overview


PlanPrice (Monthly/Yearly)Features
Growth$37 (Monthly)
$30 (Yearly) – Save 20%
Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited Email Warmup
1000 Active Leads
5000 Emails Monthly
Live Chat Support
Hypergrowth$97 (Monthly)
$77.6 (Yearly) – Save 20%
Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited Email Warmup
25,000 Active Leads
100,000 Emails Monthly
Premium Support
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