How To Find Thousands of Email Addresses Using Wiza: A Quick and Easy Guide


In this article, I’ll guide you through using the powerful tool Wiza to rapidly find prospects’ email addresses. First, I will explain how to install Wiza to your Chrome extension, followed by selecting a suitable pricing plan. Then, I’ll walk you through how I use Wiza to uncover email addresses, whether for personalized messages or reaching out to a group, especially on platforms like LinkedIn. I will discuss how to use Wiza with Sales Navigator to target specific audiences and how to utilize the cold email automation tool Woodpecker for personalized and scalable email campaigns. Finally, I’ll share some strategies I use for campaign success. 

Key Takeaways

  • Wiza is a valuable tool for finding and gathering email addresses quickly. 
  • Combining Wiza with LinkedIn Sales Navigator is helpful for finding specific leads.
  • Combining Wiza with a cold email automation tool, Woodpecker is helpful in generating personalized bulk emails. 
  • It’s important to remember that active LinkedIn users and using videos in cold email campaigns can improve results.

Section 1: Install the Tool and Choose a Plan. 

Installation Process

First, you need to install the Chrome extension to start using the Wiza tool. Just click “Add Chrome extension“, and it will take you to the download page. Once you download and install it, the extension will appear on your browser.

Choosing a Pricing Plan 

Then, you need to choose your pricing plan. The pricing plan I recommend is the ‘Growth Plan’, offering 750 emails per month

I choose this plan as it perfectly fits my needs when launching various campaigns. Keep in mind that one email credit equals one credit.

Below you can see the different Pricing Plans, their monthly costs and email credits that you can choose with Wiza

Pricing PlanCost Per User Per MonthEmail Credits

Section 2: Use Wiza to Obtain email addresses for your personalized or bulk email campaigns.

Wiza proves highly effective for both personalized and bulk email campaigns. Let’s delve into how you can use Wiza for these strategic initiatives.

1) Personalised Email Approach

While browsing LinkedIn, I may occasionally come across someone I’d like to send a personalised email to. For instance, if I notice they’ve recently posted something interesting, I can contact them directly and include a comment about their recent post in the email to make it more personal. Personalised emails can also be beneficial in building trust and engagement with the recipient. 

In my personalised email approach, Wiza provides me with email addresses for targeted individuals on LinkedIn

With the Wiza extension installed, it becomes straightforward to reveal contacts on LinkedIn with just a few clicks. For example, when visiting someone’s LinkedIn profile, their email address can be displayed by clicking on ‘Reveal Contact Info’ and then can be quickly added to a CRM system or an email platform like Google G Suite. 

2) Bulk Email Campaigns

When I’m launching A/B tests and need email addresses to feed my campaigns, I use Wiza to get email addresses. 

Bulk email campaigns are what I mainly focus on, and to do this effectively, I use Sales Navigator in combination with Wiza. Sales Navigator has a great search function that helps me narrow down my target audience. 

To initiate a bulk email campaign, I select my target audience in Sales Navigator and then use Wiza to extract their contact information. 

The process is simple – I choose to export only email addresses or phone numbers also, name the list and decide on the number of leads. From there, Wiza starts scanning LinkedIn and quickly delivers a list of contacts for my campaign.

Section 3: How to Use Sales Navigator to Find a Target Audience 

Searching Process

I recommend starting with the lead filters to find potential prospects for your B2B campaigns using Sales Navigator. For example, you can specify the company size, such as 11 to 50 employees, and the current job title of your target audience.

I typically go for CEO, Founder, or Co-founder positions when targeting smaller companies. However, I’ll target the CMO, VP of Marketing, or even Marketing Manager for larger companies.

Another critical factor to consider is the industry you’re targeting. Sales Navigator doesn’t have a specific B2B SaaS category, so it’s best to use proxies. For instance, you can select the Internet or Finance industries to target industries like fintech or Internet technology.

In addition to the industry, I recommend looking at activity indicators, such as whether your target audience has changed jobs recently or posted on LinkedIn, as these signals can help you identify more active and engaged prospects.

Exporting Leads

Exporting a list of leads is easy after conducting a search in Sales Navigator. 

Simply click the ‘Export This Search’ button and choose whether to include email addresses or phone numbers. Remember that the number of contacts you can export depends on your email credit balance. 

You can select the type of email address you want and set parameters to ensure a clean list for your campaign. Once your export settings are configured, start the scan and wait for the process to complete. You will soon have a list of potential B2B prospects for your email campaigns.

Section 4: Using Woodpecker in Combination with Wiza to Create Personalized Bulk Campaigns 

To scale out my business, I have utilised various tools and resources to help with my email campaigns. One such invaluable tool is Woodpecker, a powerful platform that lets me send personalised emails on a larger scale. 

Woodpecker has been particularly beneficial in allowing me to conduct more personalised bulk email campaigns. Although the tool Wiza is fantastic for obtaining email addresses, it is essential to supplement it with Woodpecker for an even more significant impact on my marketing efforts.

Using the unique link I provide, you can experience its capabilities firsthand through a 30-day free trial, double the standard 15-day offer. 

My business has grown thanks to Wiza and Woodpecker. I use them to send bulk emails, conduct video prospecting, perform A/B testing, and run personalized campaigns. The tools’ synergy helps me maintain better relationships with prospects and clients.

Section 5: My Campaign Approaches

I’m launching many A/B tests in my campaign strategies, using different approaches to reach our B2B prospects for cold email campaigns. 

One approach is sending bulk emails that are less personalised, using video prospecting and A/B testing.

Video prospecting helps to build trust quickly, as people can hear me speak and see my face. I recommend incorporating video prospecting into your outreach strategies. It’s a versatile tool that can be used in various ways. 

You can visit my YouTube channel to learn more about video prospecting and its advantages! 

Another approach I’m using is sending more personalised emails with the help of cold email automation tools like Woodpecker. In these emails, I focus on connecting with the prospects on a deeper level and showing them that I have researched their background and recent activities. By sending personalised messages, I can improve my chances of getting a response and starting a conversation with potential clients.

Bringing It All Together

To sum up, by using Wiza, Woodpecker, and Sales Navigator, you’ve got some amazing tools at your fingertips for better email campaigns. By combining these tools, you can make your emails feel more special, reach the right people, and do even better in your marketing efforts. 

Remember that your campaign results could differ based on your industry and target audience. So, stay flexible and committed to trying different methods to craft the perfect approach that aligns with your business goals.

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