Boosting Cold Email ROI with Authentic Video Prospecting: Must-Know Tips

In today’s digital world, building genuine connections with our audience is vital; one highly effective way to do this is through video. As someone who believes in authentic communication, making videos helps me stand out and make a substantial impact, especially when there are a lot of automated cold emails around.

In the first section, I will discuss creating a strategic and intelligent video strategy to build genuine connections with the audience. In the following sections, I’ll discuss the essential things you should focus on while making your videos. Let’s jump in!

Key Takeaways

  • Highlight genuine connections through video content
  • Start with personalised videos for building genuine communication and then transit to non-personalised videos to reach a broader audience 
  • Use a bullet-point strategy and improve through repetition

Section 1: Creating a Strategic and Smart Video Strategy

Start with a Personalised Approach

I believe in the power of genuine communication, so I recommend starting with personalised videos. To achieve this, I contact people individually, addressing them by their names and researching their backgrounds. Having their LinkedIn profile or website visible in the background can enhance the personalised connection. 

This personalized strategy helps me establish a strong connection with my audience and ensures that I come across as a natural person rather than an automated email bot.

Then Continue with the Non-Personlised Approach

After practising the personalised approach for a few days, it’s time to transition to the general non-personalised approach. 

By initially focusing on delivering personalised videos, I will have refined my message and be better prepared to present a clear, genuine, and effective general pitch. 

In this method, I create a video pitch without using anyone’s name or displaying their personalised information in the background. 

By broadening my video strategy, I reach a wider audience while maintaining a genuine tone, highlighting authenticity and a sincere interest in connecting with them.

Section 2: When Creating Videos…

Avoid the Use of Scripts 

It’s crucial to avoid reading from a script when creating video content. Instead, focus on bullet points and practise the pitch multiple times. This approach enables me to be more genuine, as it prevents me from sounding like a random robot or automated message.

Be Real

As I mentioned before, I initially create personalised videos where I directly reach out to people, citing their background, website, or LinkedIn profile to reinforce the idea of honesty. This extra touch demonstrates my authenticity and sincerity in connecting with them.

Focusing on being genuine over automation ensures that my video content effectively communicates who I am and what I stand for, ultimately making my audience feel more connected and engaged with my message.

Section 3: Improve Your Videos Through Repetition

As I’ve experienced, you become more concise when repeatedly saying the same thing. Your message becomes more apparent, and you can quickly express it in the most effective way possible. It may be less polished the first time I speak about a topic, but it becomes much better by the tenth repetition.

Repeating a message not only refines your delivery but also builds confidence and helps you make minor improvements to how you share your thoughts. 

Going through this process can make a significant difference in your results.

Final Takeaway

To wrap things up, making real connections online is crucial, and using videos helps with that. I started with creating personalized videos, which gave me the confidence to develop non-personalized videos for a broader audience without losing my sincere tone. I’ve learned that my videos improved by being genuine and not using scripts. Choosing to be honest instead of automation makes sure my videos truly show what I believe in, and that makes people more interested in what I have to say.

I also invite you to join me on my YouTube channel for insightful videos on creating authentic content to combat cold email automation – let’s set free authenticity together!

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