The Ultimate vs. Yesware Review: What’s Best for Cold Emailing?

When it comes to choosing between and Yesware for your cold email automation needs, it boils down to your business goals and tech-savviness. shines with its AI capabilities and extensive lead database, making it ideal for scaling businesses and tech-savvy marketers. Yesware, on the other hand, excels in real-time email tracking and multi-channel campaigns, making it a perfect fit for small businesses and those who value immediate insights. Each offers unique advantages, so your choice will depend on what features align with your specific needs and budget.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Key Features: Where and Yesware Shine
  • Pricing: Show Me the Money
  • Pros and Cons: The Full Picture
  • Feature-by-Feature Comparison: vs. Yesware
  • Customer Support: Your Lifeline in the Digital World
  • User Reviews: The Unsung Heroes
  • FAQs: Clearing the Air
  • Final Verdict: The Decision-Maker


Looking to ramp up your cold email game? Well, you’re in the right place. and Yesware are duking it out for your affection, but which one deserves a place in your marketing toolkit? Let’s break it down, feature by feature, dollar by dollar. Let’s go!

Key Features: Where and Yesware Shine‘s Features and Their Benefits

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of what brings to the table for your cold email campaigns.

Summary: Feature vs Key Benefit

FeatureKey Benefit
Email AI AssistantFast adaptability to any client.
Email FinderHigh-quality, verified lead generation
Email Warm-UpEnhanced email deliverability
Email Finder Chrome ExtensionSeamless LinkedIn-to-campaign integration

Email AI Assistant: The Pocket Einstein’s Email AI assistant is the multitasker you’ve been looking for. It can craft new emails, perfect existing ones, adapt the tone, and translate languages.

🎯 Why It’s Crucial: In cold email automation, this feature offers time-saving, high-quality conversions and adaptability for any client.

📚 Real-Life Example: Sarah, a startup founder, needs to send both investor pitches and customer outreach emails. The Email AI assistant adapts the tone accordingly.

Email Finder: The Treasure Map for Leads

This feature is your compass in the labyrinth of potential contacts.’s Email Finder scours the web, using multiple data points to find verified leads that match your target audience.

🎯 Why It’s Crucial: A cold email is only as good as the lead it’s sent to. High-quality leads increase your chances of conversion exponentially.

📚 Real-Life Example: Say you’re targeting HR managers in the tech industry.’s Email Finder can pinpoint these specific individuals, ensuring that your cold email lands in the right inbox.

Email Warm-Up: The Inbox Whisperer

Spam folders are where cold emails go to die.’s Email Warm-Up feature ensures your emails warm up to spam filters, making sure they land in the inbox.

🎯 Why It’s Crucial: Deliverability is a huge concern in cold email marketing. If your emails don’t reach the inbox, you’re essentially shooting in the dark.

📚 Real-Life Example: You’ve crafted a killer cold email for software developers.’s Email Warm-Up ensures that your masterpiece actually reaches its audience, bypassing pesky spam filters.

Email Finder Chrome Extension: The LinkedIn Prospecting Maestro

LinkedIn is a goldmine for B2B leads, and’s Chrome Extension is your pickaxe. A single click adds LinkedIn leads directly to your campaign.

🎯 Why It’s Crucial: Manual entry is tedious and prone to errors. Automation is the name of the game in cold email marketing.

📚 Real-Life Example: You’re scrolling through LinkedIn and find a cluster of profiles that fit your ideal customer persona. Instead of jotting down their details or manually entering data, one click adds them straight into your next campaign.

Yesware‘s Features and Their Benefits

Now, let’s switch gears and focus on what Yesware brings to your cold email table. Spoiler alert: It’s a lot.

Summary Table: Feature and Key Benefits

FeatureKey Benefit
Real-Time Email TrackingIn-the-moment engagement insights
Multi-touch, Multi-channel CampaignsComprehensive outreach strategies
Link with Gmail/OutlookImproved email deliverability
Secure Prospector DatabaseGDPR and CCPA compliant lead database

Real-Time Email Tracking: The Inbox Spy

Yesware’s Real-Time Email Tracking feature allows you to know when a recipient opens your email or clicks on a link within it.

🎯 Why It’s Crucial: Knowing when and how a prospect engages with your email can help you time your follow-ups perfectly. This can dramatically increase your chances of converting a lead.

📚 Real-Life Example: You send a cold email to a potential investor. Yesware notifies you the moment they open the email and click on the attached pitch deck. Armed with this intel, you can send a perfectly timed follow-up email, striking while the iron is hot.

Multi-touch, Multi-channel Campaigns: The Swiss Army Knife

Yesware lets you build campaigns that go beyond just email. You can integrate LinkedIn Inmails, phone calls, and even customized tasks into your outreach strategy.

🎯 Why It’s Crucial: Prospects today are bombarded with emails. Multi-channel campaigns allow you to stand out and engage your prospects in different ways, enhancing the probability of a response.

📚 Real-Life Example: Imagine you’re reaching out to a list of marketing directors. Along with your initial email, you also send a LinkedIn Inmail and schedule a follow-up call. By hitting them on multiple fronts, you increase your visibility and chances of engagement.

Link with Gmail/Outlook: The Spam Dodger

Yesware integrates directly with your Gmail or Outlook, ensuring your emails are sent directly from these trusted servers.

🎯 Why It’s Crucial: Emails sent from reputable servers are less likely to be flagged as spam, ensuring higher deliverability.

📚 Real-Life Example: You’ve carefully crafted a high-stakes email to a big client. Because you’re using Yesware’s integration with Gmail, your email bypasses spam filters and lands directly in the client’s primary inbox.

Secure Prospector Database: The Lead Vault

Yesware boasts a secure database of over 100 million B2B contacts, all in line with GDPR and CCPA regulations.

🎯 Why It’s Crucial: A secure, compliant database not only provides you with high-quality leads but also keeps you on the right side of privacy laws.

📚 Real-Life Example: You’re looking for leads in the healthcare industry in Europe. With GDPR compliance being a major concern, Yesware’s secure database allows you to prospect with peace of mind.

Pricing: Show Me the Money

Choosing a cold email tool isn’t just about features; it’s also about getting the most bang for your buck. Let’s dissect the pricing structures of both and Yesware. Pricing Table

Plan Cost Per Month (If Billed Monthly) Cost Per Month (If Billed Yearly) Features
Starter Plan $39 $30 1,000 credits, 5,000 email recipients, unlimited sender accounts, 1 mailbox warm-up, bulk verification, Email AI assistant and more
Pro Plan $99 $75 5,000 credits, 10,000 email recipients, unlimited sender accounts, 3 mailbox warm-ups, everything in Starter plan plus email A/B testing and more.
Managed Starting at $2,999 (Only Monthly Billing) N/A Custom lead gen & outreach, 1,000+ SOM companies, 1,000+ ICP contacts, 1,000+ UVP messages, AI playbook, 20-40 meetings per quarter More Than Just Pennies and Dimes

🎯 Why It’s Crucial: offers a tiered pricing system, allowing businesses of all sizes to benefit from its features. The ‘Pro’ plan, with its 3 mailbox warm-ups, can be a game-changer for businesses that send emails in large volumes.

📚 Real-Life Example: As a startup, you might begin with the ‘Standard’ plan. Once your cold email campaigns pick up steam and you’re dealing with higher email volumes, you can effortlessly move to the ‘Pro’ plan without skipping a beat.

Below, you can see an overview of the features offered by the two plans of

Yesware Pricing Table

Yesware offers five email outreach plans and three Add-On prospector plans: 

Email Outreach Plans Pricing 

Pricing Plans Cost Per Month Per Seat (If Billed Monthly) Cost Per Month Per Seat (If Billed Annually) Features Included
Free Forever Free Free Basic email tracking, 10 campaign recipients/month, etc.
Pro $19 $15 20 campaign recipients, unlimited email & link tracking
Premium $45 $35 Everything in Pro, plus unlimited & shared campaigns
Enterprise $85 $65 Everything in Premium, plus add contacts to campaigns
Custom Contact Contact Everything in Enterprise, plus Security & Legal Review

Prospector Plans Pricing

Pricing Plans Cost Per Month (Billed Only Annually) Features Included
Prospector Starter $37.5 600 credits per year
Prospector Growth $125 3,000 credits per year
Prospector Custom Contact Customized plan

Yesware: The Budget-Friendly Powerhouse

🎯 Why It’s Crucial: Yesware offers an affordable entry point with its ‘Pro’ plan, but even its higher-tier ‘Enterprise’ plan is cost-effective considering the features you get. 

📚 Real-Life Example: If you’re a freelancer or a solo entrepreneur, the ‘Pro’ plan at $15 per month offers essential features like Real-Time Email Tracking. As your team grows, upgrading to the ‘Premium’ plan gives you robust capabilities without breaking the bank.

Below, you can see an overview of features offered by the different Email Outreach plans of Yesware;

Both and Yesware offer a range of pricing options tailored to different business needs. Whether you’re bootstrapping or running a full-fledged operation, there’s likely a plan that fits your budget and feature requirements. 

Pros and Cons: The Full Picture

When it comes to software, no tool is perfect. Each has its strengths and weaknesses that can make or break your cold email game. So, let’s lay it all out. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


  • Strong Lead Generation
  • Ease of Use
  • Chrome Extension.
  • Good Customer Service


  • Does not show the most-used email address.
  • Some users find it high.
  • Some users faced challenges integrating with other tools.

Yesware: The Highs and Lows


  • Real-time tracking is a game-changer.
  • Multi-channel capabilities for all-rounded campaigns.
  • Has Chrome extension that adds the tool to your Gmail inbox
  • Offers free plan 


  • It can be expensive as you need to buy a separate plan for using the Prospector database feature
  • No domain rotation, limiting scalability.
  • Firewalls and anti-virus programs can disrupt analytics like open emails, so users with these programs may be signalled wrong. 

Feature-by-Feature Comparison: vs. Yesware

When you’re stuck between two great options, the devil’s in the details. So, let’s put and Yesware head-to-head and see who comes out on top.

Email TrackingLimitedReal-Time
Lead DatabaseAvailable in basic plans and also in the free trialNeed to buy additional prospector plans
Email Platform IntegrationGmail/OutlookHas Gmail Chrome extension and Outlook Integration
AI CapabilitiesEmail AI AssistantNone
Multi-Channel CampaignsEmail Only in basic plansMulti-touch, Multi-channel
Email Warm-UpUnlimitedNone
LinkedIn IntegrationYes, it has the LinkedIn Prospector Chrome extensionYes, can integrate with LinkedIn to get lead data
Sender AccountsUnlimitedLimited
A/B TestingAvailableNone
Free Trial150 credits and 100 email recipients for a month14 days
Cost Per Month (Billed Monthly)$39 / $99$19 – $85
Cost Per Month (Billed Annually)$30 / $75$15 – $65

Customer Support: Your Lifeline in the Digital World

You never really think about customer support until you need it. And when you do, it better be good. Here’s how and Yesware fare when it comes to helping you out of a jam. Your 24/7 Support Buddy

What They Offer

  • Live Chat: Immediate assistance for quick queries.
  • Email Support: Detailed solutions for complex issues.
  • Knowledge Base: A treasure trove of articles and how-tos.

Yesware: The No-Nonsense Helper

What They Offer

  • Email and Phone Support: For when you need detailed assistance. 
  • Live chat support: Not available
  • Live training and more. 

User Reviews: The Unsung Heroes

Reviews can offer a raw, unfiltered look at what it’s like to use a product. Here’s the scoop on what users love and loathe about and Yesware. Straight from the User’s Mouth

G2 Review

⭐️4.5 out of 5

Yesware: Unfiltered User Opinions

G2 Review

⭐️4.4 out of 5

FAQs: Clearing the Air

Whether you’re a cold email rookie or a seasoned pro, you’ve probably got questions. Here are some FAQs about and Yesware to help clear the air. FAQs

1. Is GDPR compliant?

Answer: Absolutely. takes data privacy seriously and complies with GDPR regulations.

2. Can I upgrade my plan at any time?

Answer: Yes, you can switch to a higher-tier plan whenever you need more features.

3. Is there a learning curve with

Answer: While is feature-rich, some users find it takes a little time to get fully acquainted with all its capabilities.

Yesware FAQs

1. Does Yesware integrate with CRM platforms?

Answer: Yes, Yesware offers CRM integration, making it easier to keep track of your leads and communications.

2. Is the Prospector Database available in all plans?

Answer: No, the Prospector Database is exclusive to the email outreach plans.  

3. How reliable is the Real-Time Email Tracking?

Answer: Users generally find it very reliable and helpful for timing follow-up communications.

Final Verdict: The Decision-Maker

Choosing between and Yesware isn’t a matter of merely ticking off feature boxes. It’s about understanding how those features align with your goals, strategies, and the day-to-day realities of your business. The Growth Accelerator

Who It’s For

  • Scaling Businesses: If you’re planning to ramp up your email marketing efforts,’s scalability is a godsend.
  • Tech-Savvy Marketers: Those comfortable with leveraging AI and advanced features will find to be a playground of possibilities.

With features like Email AI Assistant and LinkedIn Prospector Chrome Extension, is designed for businesses that are serious about both the quantity and quality of their leads. The unlimited sender accounts and A/B testing provide room for experimentation and growth.

Yesware: The Agile Operator

Who It’s For

  • Small Businesses and Freelancers: If you’re operating on a lean budget but still want impactful features, Yesware is your go-to.
  • Real-Time Analytics Enthusiasts: Those who thrive on immediate feedback will find Yesware’s real-time tracking invaluable.

Yesware’s real-time tracking and multi-channel capabilities make it ideal for businesses that want to stay nimble. It may not have the AI prowess of, but its immediate insights and Gmail/Outlook integration make it a practical choice for many.

Cost Considerations

Both platforms offer different pricing tiers, but they cater to different budget constraints:

  • Starts at a higher monthly rate, but its rich feature set may justify the cost for businesses looking for a comprehensive solution.
  • Yesware: Offers a more budget-friendly entry point, especially when billed annually, but some features are locked behind the Enterprise plan.

🎯 Final Thoughts: Your choice between and Yesware should align with both your immediate needs and long-term strategies. Whether it’s the advanced, AI-powered features of or the real-time, agile capabilities of Yesware, each tool offers a unique set of advantages that could be the missing piece in your email marketing puzzle.

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