Mailshake vs. Snovio: Which is the Best Cold Email Software?

When choosing between Mailshake and Snovio for cold email automation, your decision hinges on specific needs and budget. Mailshake excels with advanced mail merge and multi-channel outreach but comes at a higher price point if you also want to collect leads, as you need to buy a separate plan to collect leads. Snovio stands out for its unlimited bulk email verification and built-in email finder that is also included in the free trial, offering more budget-friendly options. If personalized, multi-channel outreach is crucial, Mailshake is your go-to. If you prioritize bulk verification and budget efficiency, Snovio is the better fit.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction: Setting the Stage for Mailshake vs Snovio
  • Key Features: Where Mailshake and Snovio Shine
  • Pricing: Show Me the Money
  • Pros and Cons: The Full Picture
  • Feature-by-Feature Comparison: Mailshake vs Snovio
  • Customer Support: Your Lifeline in the Digital World
  • User Reviews: The Unsung Heroes
  • FAQs: Clearing the Air
  • Final Verdict: Mailshake vs. Snovio – Zeroing in on Key Features

Introduction: Setting the Stage for Mailshake vs. Snovio

Mailshake and Snovio are the talk of the B2B marketing town, but which one really gives you more bang for your buck? In the world of cold email tools, your choice can make or break your outreach. Let’s dissect these two giants, feature by feature, dollar by dollar.

When it comes to Mailshake vs. Snovio for cold email, both platforms have something juicy to offer. Mailshake thrives on multi-channel outreach, making it ideal for those who don’t want to put all their eggs in the email basket. Snovio, on the other hand, goes deep with personalization and bulk email verification. Time to roll up those sleeves and get into the details.

Key Features: Where Mailshake and Snovio Shine

Cold email tools aren’t just about firing off messages; they’re about sending the right messages to the right people at the right time. Let’s break down what makes each platform unique.

Mailshake‘s Features and Their Benefits

Feature Benefits
Multi-Channel Outreach Extend your reach beyond email to phone and social media.
Lead Catcher Manage leads directly, categorizing them as won or lost.
Mail Merge Highly personalized emails at scale.
Maximizing Deliverability Pause sequences to avoid spam and improve open rates.

Multi-Channel Outreach

In today’s fragmented digital landscape, your prospects are everywhere—on social media, on their phones, and, of course, in their email inboxes. Mailshake’s multi-channel outreach means you can connect with prospects wherever they’re most active. This is essential for creating multiple touchpoints, making your outreach more memorable and increasing the chances of engagement.

Lead Catcher

Ever feel like you’re drowning in a sea of leads with no lifeboat in sight? Mailshake’s Lead Catcher is your lifeboat. It allows you to categorize leads as won or lost, streamlining your sales funnel and making it easier to focus on leads that are more likely to convert. Effective lead management can be the difference between a bloated, ineffective campaign and a lean, mean conversion machine in cold email automation.

Mail Merge

Personalization isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. Mailshake’s mail merge feature ensures each prospect feels like your email was crafted just for them. This increases the chances of your email being read and acted upon. In a world where the average office worker receives 121 emails per day, standing out is crucial, and personalization is the key to being noticed.

Maximizing Deliverability

No one wants their carefully crafted emails to end up in the spam folder. MailShake allows you to pause sequences when a prospect replies, unsubscribes, or bounces, thereby maximizing your email deliverability. This feature ensures that your emails reach the inbox, which is the first crucial step in conversion.

Snovio‘s Features and Their Benefits

Feature Benefits
Email AI Assistant Optimize your outreach with less effort.
In-Depth Personalization Tools Beyond “Hi, [Name].” Make each email a personal letter.
Bulk Email Verification Keep your email list clean as a whistle.
Built-in Email Finder Why scour the web when Snovio can do it for you?

Email AI Assistant

Get more with less effort, thanks to Snovio’s Email AI assistant. Whether it’s cooking up fresh emails, refining what you already have, setting the tone, or offering translations, it’s a win-win. You get to save time, bank on quality, and be a chameleon in any setting.

In-Depth Personalization Tools

Snovio takes personalization a step further by allowing you to personalize virtually every aspect of your email, from the subject line to the call-to-action. The more personalized your email, the more likely it is to resonate with the prospect, which can significantly increase your conversion rates.

Bulk Email Verification

Sending emails to invalid or inactive email addresses not only wastes your time but can also harm your sender’s reputation. Snovio’s bulk email verification ensures every email in your campaign is sent to a valid, active email address, thereby improving the deliverability and effectiveness of your campaigns.

Built-in Email Finder and Email Finder Extensions 

Time is money, and Snovio’s built-in email finder saves you a ton of both. Instead of manually scouring the internet for potential leads, Snovio does the heavy lifting for you. The built-in Email Finder feature is particularly useful for cold email campaigns where large volumes of accurate emails are needed for effective outreach. It also offers Email Finder Chrome Extensions, where you can find leads from nearly any website, LinkedIn search, and Sales Navigator. 

Pricing: Show Me the Money

Mailshake Pricing Plans

Mailshake has two engagement plans, Email Outreach and Sales Engagement, and three Data Finder Plans: Starter, Pro, and Enterprise. So, you need to buy a separate plan to collect leads. 

Plan Monthly Cost Per User (Billed Only Annually) Features Included
Email Outreach Plan $58 Mail accounts from any provider, email warm-up service, Gmail / Outlook / SMTP, email personalization, advanced scheduling & throttling, automated email sequences, and more.
Sales Engagement Plan $83 All features of Email Outreach Plan plus power phone dialer, LinkedIn automation, 10k list-cleaning credits monthly, 10k recipients per campaign, and more.
Data Finder Free Trial 50 credits / one time
Starter Data Finder Plan $83 1,000 credits
Pro Data Finder Plan $99 2,500 credits
Enterprise Data Finder Plan $249 12,500 credits

Below, you can see all the features offered by each plan:

Snovio Pricing Plans

Snovio offers three pricing plans: a Starter plan, a Pro plan and a managed service plan. No need to buy a separate plan to collect leads as it offers a built-in lead finder. 

Plan Monthly Cost (If Billed Monthly) Monthly Cost (If Billed Annually) Features Included
Starter Plan $39 $30 1,000 credits, 5,000 email recipients, unlimited sender accounts, 1 mailbox warm-up
Pro Plan $99 $75 5,000 credits, 10,000 email recipients, unlimited sender accounts, 3 mailbox warm-ups
Managed Service Starting at $2,999 Billed Only Monthly Custom lead gen & outreach campaign, 1,000+ SOM companies, 1,000+ ICP contacts, 1,000+ UVP messages, AI playbook, 20-40 meetings per quarter

Below, you can see all the features offered by the three different plans that Snovio offers:

Pros and Cons: The Full Picture



  • Easy campaign management
  • Simple User Interface and easy setup
  • Good customer support; 
  • Has mail merge
  • Offers Chrome extension for several LinkedIn Tasks 


  • Does not allow you to pause or stop a campaign once started
  • Deliverability issues with bulk emails
  • Difficulties with warming up and creating content
  • You need to buy a separate plan besides your Sales Engagement plan to collect leads
  • Cannot make monthly payments as all plans are billed annually. 



  • Advanced personalization of emails 
  • Powerful lead generation capabilities that increase efficiency and versatility
  • Easy use and setup
  • Offers Google extension
  • Good customer service


  • No multi-channel outreach in basic plans 
  • Does not show the contact’s most-used email address
  • Some users find pricing to be high
  • Email verification found to be moderate by some users
  • Some users faced integration issues

Feature-by-Feature Comparison: Mailshake vs. Snovio

Here is a summarised side-by-side comparison of key features, pricing and free trials that both tools offer.

Feature/Aspect Mailshake Snovio
Multi-Channel Outreach Yes Only present in Managed Service Plan
Lead Catcher Yes No
AI-Driven Features Yes Yes
Unlimited Email Verification Up to 10,000 verifications per month Yes
Built-in Email Finder Yes, but need to buy a separate plan Yes
Mail Merge Yes No
Personalization Advanced More limited
Cost Per Month (If Billed Monthly) N/A $39 – $99
Cost Per Month (If Billed Annually) Engagement plans: $58 – $83
Data Finder Plans: $83 – $249
$30 – $75
Free Trial 50 credits for data finding, no free trial for Engagement plans 150 credits, 100 email recipients, Unlimited sender accounts, 1 mailbox warm-up and more.

Customer Support: Your Lifeline in the Digital World


  • Live Chat: Instant answers to your pressing questions.
  • Email Support: Sometimes you need a more detailed response.
  • Knowledge Base: A treasure trove of articles and how-to guides.


  • Live Chat: Present on the website.
  • Email Support: For a more detailed response.
  • Resources: An extensive knowledge base to get the most out of the platform.

User Reviews: The Unsung Heroes


Users mostly talk about how simple and elegant the tool is, its reliable and helpful customer support, and high deliverability results.

G2 Review

⭐️4.7 out of 5


Snovio users often highlight the lead generation capabilities as a life-saver. 

G2 Review

⭐️4.5 out of 5

FAQs: Clearing the Air

What are the integrations offered by Mailshake? 

  • You can integrate LinkedIn and Social media like Facebook plus HubSport, SalesForce, Pipedrive and your email providers such as G Suite and Outlook to save time and generate more revenue. 

What are the integrations offered by Snovio? 

  • You can easily integrate with over 5,000 tools, including HubSpot, Pipedrive, Gmail and Phantom Buster. 

Is Mailshake GDPR compliant? 

  • Yes, Mailshake complies with GDPR and CCPA regulations.

Is Snovio GDPR and CCPA compliant? 

  • Yes, Snovio is both GDPR and CCPA-compliant.

Final Verdict: Mailshake vs. Snovio – Zeroing in on Key Features


Mail Merge

If you want to feel like each of your emails is hand-crafted for the recipient, Mailshake’s Mail Merge is your go-to feature. This is crucial when you’re scaling your outreach but don’t want to lose the personal touch that makes prospects take notice.

Multi-Channel Outreach

Mailshake offers multi-channel outreach, which means you’re not just limited to email. You can also connect with prospects via phone or social media platforms like LinkedIn. In today’s digital age, being where your customers are is not just an advantage; it’s a necessity.


MailShake’s Engagement Plans, billed annually, range from $58 to $83. If you’re also interested in data finding, plans start at $83 and go up to $249. It’s not the cheapest option, but the feature set might justify the price for many businesses.


Unlimited Bulk Email Verification

Snovio offers unlimited email verification. This is a godsend if you’re running large campaigns and want to ensure every email hits an active inbox, thereby boosting your sender reputation and overall deliverability.

Built-in Email Finder

With Snovio, you don’t need a separate tool or a plan to find emails. This feature is integrated into the platform and in all plans, including the free trial, saving you both time and money. This is especially useful if you’re in the B2B sector, where the ability to rapidly find and reach out to new leads can make or break your campaign.


Snovio is generally more budget-friendly, with plans ranging from $39 to $99 per month or $30 to $75 if billed annually. Plus, their free trial is more generous, allowing you to thoroughly test the platform before making a financial commitment.

The Final Say

If Mail Merge and Multi-Channel Outreach are high on your priority list, and you have the budget to match, then Mailshake is your ideal choice.

However, if Unlimited Bulk Email Verification and a Built-in Email Finder are your deal-breakers and you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, then Snovio is your go-to.

It’s not just about which tool is better overall; it’s about which tool is better for your specific needs and budget. Both platforms offer powerful features; it’s all about what aligns with your business objectives.

Looking for more options? We’ve got you covered. Dive into our comprehensive list of 22 of the Best Cold Email Tools for more insights.

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