Choosing Your Cold Email Software: Gmass or Mailshake?

When it comes to cold email campaigns, the choice between GMass and Mailshake boils down to your specific needs and platform preferences. GMass is your go-to if you’re a Gmail user seeking a budget-friendly, feature-rich option focused on email functionalities. Mailshake, while pricier, offers a more comprehensive, multi-platform approach that includes LinkedIn and phone calls. If you’re all about Gmail and budget-conscious, go for GMass. If you want a more versatile tool and are willing to invest, Mailshake is your pick.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction: Setting the Stage
  • Key Features: The Power Tools of GMass and Mailshake
  • GMass’s Arsenal: Advantages and Versatility
  • Mailshake’s Toolkit: AI and Multi-Channel Prospecting
  • Pricing: Battle of the Budgets
  • Pros and Cons: The Nitty-Gritty
  • Head-to-Head: GMass vs Mailshake
  • Customer Support: Who’s Got Your Back?
  • User Reviews: Word on the Street
  • FAQs: Quickfire Answers
  • Final Verdict: The Showdown

Introduction: Setting the Stage

Let’s cut to the chase. You’re here to find the best cold email software, right? You’ve heard the buzz about GMass and Mailshake, but you’re confused. Which one is the knight in shining armor for your B2B campaigns? Chill, we got you. Stick around to dive deep into the features, pricing, and what makes each tool unique. By the end, you’ll know exactly which one fits your business like a glove.

Key Features: The Power Tools of GMass and Mailshake


  • Mail Merge with Google Sheets
  • Bypass Gmail’s Limitations
  • Behavior-Based Campaigns
  • In-Gmail Operation
  • Automatic Reply Management
  • Real-time Advanced Reporting
  • Email Polling
  • Automated Unsubscribe Management


  • AI Email Writing with SHAKEspeare
  • Data Finder
  • Lead Catcher
  • Multi-Channel Prospecting
  • Mail Merge
  • LinkedIn Automation
  • Automated Follow-ups

GMass‘s Arsenal: Advantages and Versatility

Feature What It Does
Mail Merge with Google Sheets Personalizes emails using spreadsheet data
Bypass Gmail’s Limitations Overcomes Gmail’s sending limits
Behavior-Based Campaigns Segments audience based on past behavior
Real-time Advanced Reporting Provides in-depth metrics within Gmail
Email Polling Adds quick surveys to emails
Automated Unsubscribe Management Automatically removes unsubscribers
In-Gmail Operation Operates within Gmail for convenience
Automatic Reply Management Sorts and categorizes email replies

Mail Merge with Google Sheets

Personalization is more than just a buzzword—it’s a necessity. With GMass, you can easily integrate Google Sheets to create tailor-made emails for each recipient. Want to greet your prospects by their first name or mention their company? Easy peasy. Just pull that data from a column in your Google Sheet and voila!

Real-life example: Imagine you’re running a campaign for an upcoming webinar on SEO strategies. Instead of a bland “Dear Sir/Madam,” your emails could start with “Hey [First Name], would you like to skyrocket [Company Name]’s SEO rankings?”

Bypass Gmail’s Limitations

So, you’ve got a list longer than a CVS receipt. Gmail typically puts the brakes on bulk emailing, but GMass says, “Not today!” With its advanced distribution system, you can either spread your emails over several days or use an SMTP server to just leap over Gmail’s sending limits.

Real-life example: Let’s say you’re launching a new product and have a mailing list of 3,000 people. Instead of sending them in chunks and getting tangled in Gmail’s web of restrictions, GMass would automatically schedule these emails to go out over a period, ensuring they all get delivered.

Behavior-Based Campaigns

Shooting emails into the void? Nope, not with GMass. Their behavior-based campaigns allow you to segment your audience based on actions. Did they open your last email? Did they click on the link? All this intel is available for your next campaign strategy.

Real-life example: You sent out an initial email to 500 prospects. Only 200 opened it and 50 clicked the link. For your next campaign, you can target those 50 with a special offer, knowing they’re more likely to engage.

Real-time Advanced Reporting

Metrics are your friends, not your foes. GMass offers real-time advanced reporting right within Gmail. Now you can track domain-level performance and get actionable insights without switching tabs like a madman.

Real-life example: You’re running a cold email campaign targeting multiple industries. With GMass’s domain-level reporting, you can easily see which industry is most responsive, allowing you to tweak your strategy on the fly.

Email Polling

Two-way communication, anyone? GMass allows you to add quick one-question surveys to your emails. It’s like getting instant feedback without the awkwardness.

Real-life example: After a product demo, you could send a follow-up email with a quick poll asking, “How useful did you find our product demo on a scale of 1-5?” This way, you gather immediate feedback and can make improvements.

Automated Unsubscribe Management

Nobody likes a cluttered email list. GMass’s automated unsubscribe management ensures that your email list is as clean as a whistle.

Real-life example: Someone unsubscribes from your mailing list. Normally, you’d manually remove them, but with GMass, they’re automatically taken off, saving you time and ensuring compliance.

In-Gmail Operation

Switching between apps can be a drag, but GMass lives right inside your Gmail, blending seamlessly into your workflow. No more app-hopping, just pure, focused work.

Real-life example: You’re slogging through your Gmail inbox. Instead of opening another app to start an email campaign, you use GMass right there and then. It’s like having a marketing assistant tucked inside your email.

Automatic Reply Management

If you’re running large campaigns, managing replies can be like herding cats. GMass’s automatic reply management takes that load off your shoulders. It categorizes genuine replies, filters out auto-responders, and even gauges the tone of the email. Is it a positive or negative response? GMass knows.

Real-life example: You launch a new eBook and send out 1,000 emails. Replies start trickling in. GMass automatically sorts the “I’d love to know more” from the “unsubscribe me” messages, even flagging the enthusiastic ones.

Mailshake‘s Toolkit: AI and Multi-Channel Prospecting

Feature What It Does
AI Email Writing with SHAKEspeare Generates human-like email templates
Data Finder Searches for prospects based on various criteria
Lead Catcher Categorizes and sorts leads
Multi-Channel Prospecting Engages leads through email, LinkedIn, and cold calls
Mail Merge Personalizes individual emails
LinkedIn Automation Automates LinkedIn outreach sequences
Automated Follow-ups Sends timely follow-up emails

AI Email Writing with SHAKEspeare

The days of stale, robotic emails are over. With Mailshake’s SHAKEspeare, you get AI-powered email templates that actually sound human. It’s like having a copywriter on standby, ready to jazz up your emails.

Real-life example: You need to send a follow-up email to a lead who hasn’t responded. Instead of the same old “Just checking in…” template, SHAKEspeare generates a catchy, engaging message that grabs attention.

Data Finder

Looking for prospects? The Data Finder feature lets you search for potential clients based on their role, location, or company. You can even find leads on LinkedIn, making your prospecting game strong.

Real-life example: You’re targeting HR managers in the tech industry located in San Francisco. Data Finder lets you zero in on these specifics, so you’re not shooting in the dark.

Lead Catcher

Leads falling through the cracks is a no-no. Lead Catcher categorizes and sorts your leads, making sure you focus on the most promising ones.

Real-life example: You’ve sent out 500 cold emails. Lead Catcher identifies the 50 who have opened your email more than once, nudging you to prioritize them.

Multi-Channel Prospecting

Why limit yourself to emails when you can also engage via LinkedIn and even cold calls? Mailshake offers multi-channel prospecting to cover all your bases.

Real-life example: Your email gets a lukewarm response, but when you reach out on LinkedIn, the lead is much more responsive. Multi-channel prospecting lets you find the best platform for each prospect.

Mail Merge

Personalization isn’t just for GMass; Mailshake has its own mail merge feature. Tailor each email to make your recipient feel special, not like just another name on a list.

Real-life example: You’re sending an email to a list of content marketers. With Mailshake’s mail merge, you can personalize each email to discuss topics specifically relevant to each recipient’s niche.

LinkedIn Automation

LinkedIn outreach can be a full-time job. Mailshake automates this process, letting you focus on what really matters—building relationships.

Real-life example: You plan to connect with 100 people in the finance sector on LinkedIn. Instead of sending manual requests and follow-up messages, Mailshake automates the whole sequence for you.

Automated Follow-ups

Persistence is key in sales, but manual follow-ups? A drag. Mailshake’s automated follow-ups ensure you stay on your prospect’s radar without clogging your schedule.

Real-life example: A lead showed interest but hasn’t taken the next step. Mailshake automates the follow-up emails, sending timely reminders, and even escalating the tone or offer based on the lead’s behavior.

Pricing: Battle of the Budgets

The money talk! The best features in the world won’t mean a thing if the pricing has you breaking the bank. Let’s delve into how GMass and Mailshake stack up when it comes to your wallet.

GMass Pricing

GMass offers a variety of plans to fit different needs, including a generous free plan:

Plan Cost Per Month Cost Per Year Features Included
Free Plan $0 $0 All features with a sending limit of 50 email messages per day
Standard Plan $19.95 per user $199 per user Gmail integration, unlimited contacts and campaigns, mail merge personalization
Premium Plan $29.95 per user $299 per user Includes everything in the Standard plan plus A/B testing, sequences and follow-ups
Enterprise Plan $49.95 per user $499 per user All features

Here is a snapshot showing all features for each paid plan:

Mailshake Pricing

Mailshake offers two types of plans:  Engagement Plans and Data Finder Plans. 

Engagement Plans

Plan Monthly Cost Per User Features
Email Outreach Plan $58 Mail accounts from any provider, email warm-up service, advanced scheduling
Sales Engagement Plan $83 All features of Email Outreach Plan plus power phone dialer, LinkedIn automation

Data Finder Plans

Plan Monthly Cost Credits
Starter Plan $49 1,000
Pro Plan $99 2,500
Enterprise Plan $249 12,500

Note: All engagement and data finder plans are billed annually.

Here is a snapshot of all the features that each engagement plan offers:

Pros and Cons: The Nitty-Gritty

Choosing between GMass and Mailshake is like picking your favorite child; it’s tough. But hey, nobody’s perfect. Let’s break down the good, the bad, and the “meh” for both tools.

GMass: The Ups and Downs


  • Affordable: Starting at $19.95/month, it’s easy on the pockets.
  • In-Gmail Operation: If you live in Gmail, GMass is like your friendly neighbor.
  • Advanced Reporting: Real-time, domain-level insights right within Gmail.
  • Behavior-Based Campaigns: Segmentation options that would make a data scientist proud.
  • Simple to use: Has a user-friendly interface 
  • Mass Distribution of emails: Can send many emails without worrying about Gmail’s sending limits. 


  • Gmail-Centric: If you’re not a Gmail user, this could be a deal-breaker.
  • Limited Multi-Channel Options: It’s mostly about the emails, not so much about LinkedIn or phone calls.
  • No free trial

Mailshake: The Highs and Lows


  • Multi-Channel Prospecting: More than just emails, it’s a multi-platform extravaganza.
  • LinkedIn Automation: LinkedIn outreach, but without the manual labor.
  • AI Email Writing: SHAKEspeare makes your emails sound human, not like a robot reading a script.
  • Good customer support
  • Simple User Interface
  • Chrome extension: Offers extension for several LinkedIn Tasks 


  • Pricier: The basic plan starts at $59/month, so make sure those features are worth your dime. Plus you need to buy a separate data finder plan besides your engagement plan. 
  • Deliverability issues: Some users faced issues with bulk emails
  • No monthly payment option 

Head-to-Head Feature Comparison Table

Now that we’ve dissected each tool, let’s put them in the ring for a head-to-head showdown. We’ll compare their features, free trial offerings and monthly prices.

Features GMass Mailshake
Mail Merge with Google Sheets Yes Yes, needs Google Sheet integration
In-Gmail Operation Yes No
Advanced Reporting Yes Limited
Behavior-Based Campaigns Yes No
Multi-Channel Prospecting No Yes
LinkedIn Automation No Yes
Automated Follow-ups Yes Yes
AI Email Writing No Yes
Prospect Database No Yes
Email Polling Yes No
Automatic removal of unsubscribers from email list Yes No
Real-time Reporting Yes No
Automatic Reply Management Yes No
Ready to use templates No, but can save your emails as templates Yes
Free Plan Yes No
Free Trial No No for engagement plans, 50 credits trial for using database
Cost Per Month Per User $19.95 – $49.95 Engagement plans: $58 – $83
Data Finder Plans: $49 – $249

Customer Support: Who’s Got Your Back?

You’ve got the features, you’ve got the pricing, but what happens when things go south? Customer support can be the unsung hero in your marketing toolkit. Let’s see how GMass and Mailshake fare in this crucial department.

GMass Customer Support

  • Email Support: Available for all plans, including the free version.
  • Live Chat: None.

Mailshake Customer Support

  • Email Support: Standard for all plans.
  • Live Chat: Available for Pro and Omni users.
  • Priority Support: Exclusive to Engagement plan subscribers

User Reviews: Word on the Street

Ah, the court of public opinion—where real users spill the tea. Let’s see what people are saying about GMass and Mailshake. After all, user feedback can be the canary in the coal mine when making your decision.

GMass User Reviews

G2 Review

⭐️4.7 out of 5

Mailshake User Reviews

G2 Review

⭐️4.7 out of 5

FAQs: Clearing the Air

Still got questions? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Here are some frequently asked questions that could be lingering in your mind about GMass and Mailshake.

GMass FAQs

1. Is GMass only for Gmail users?

  • Yes, GMass is designed to work within the Gmail platform.

2. Can GMass integrate with other tools? 

  • Has a native integration with Google Sheets. For more complex needs, options include the GMass API, webhooks, and Zapier.

3. Does GMass offer A/B testing?

  • Yes, GMass provides A/B testing options to optimize your campaigns.

Mailshake FAQs

1. Does Mailshake offer CRM integrations and Google Sheets integration?

  • Yes to both. Has CRM integrations like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Pipedrive.

2. Does Mailshake allow the use Outlook, Exchange or Office 365?

  • Definitely. Mailshake offers an article on how to do this. 

Final Verdict: The Decision-Maker

You’ve been through the wringer with this one—features, pricing, user reviews, and even those pesky FAQs. So, what’s the final word? Which platform should you invest in for your cold email campaigns? Strap in; here comes the verdict.

Features: The Meat and Potatoes

Both GMass and Mailshake offer a range of features, but they cater to different needs.

  • GMass: If you’re a Gmail devotee, GMass is like a Swiss Army knife—compact but powerful. It excels in Gmail-specific functionalities like in-Gmail operation, advanced reporting, and behavior-based campaigns.
  • Mailshake: On the other hand, is your jack-of-all-trades. It doesn’t just stop at emails; it’s multi-platform, dabbling in LinkedIn and even phone calls. Plus, it offers AI email writing and a Prospect Database.

Budget: Show Me the Money

GMass definitely wins the affordability badge with its $0 – $49.95 per month pricing range. Mailshake’s engagement plans start at $58 and go up to $83, not to mention their Data Finder Plans which can cost up to $249 per month. That said, you get what you pay for. Mailshake’s higher pricing comes with a wider array of features.

Freebies: The Cherry on Top

GMass offers a Free Plan, which is a solid point in its favor. Mailshake does not have a free plan but does offer a 50-credit trial for using its database. If you’re on the fence, GMass allows you to dip your toes in without committing financially.

Opinionated Take

If you’re laser-focused on cold email and you live your life in Gmail, then GMass is your guy. It’s budget-friendly, it’s Gmail-centric, and it offers robust features like advanced reporting and behavior-based campaigns. It’s like the dependable sedan that gets you from point A to B without any fuss.

Mailshake, however, is the flashy sports car. It’s sleek, it’s multi-featured, and it’s for those who want to go the extra mile—quite literally—with multi-channel prospecting. You’ll pay a premium, but if you’re looking for a more comprehensive tool that goes beyond just emails, it’s worth every penny.

So, what’s it going to be? The reliable sedan or the flashy sports car? Your move.

Looking for more options? We’ve got you covered. Dive into our comprehensive list of 22 of the Best Cold Email Tools for more insights.

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