vs. Gmass: Which is the Best Cold Email Software?

When it comes to cold emailing, GMass shines for Gmail users on a budget, offering a plethora of features designed to optimize your email campaigns. However, if you’re starting from scratch with your contact list or are looking to diversify your outreach channels, is the better bet. Its free B2B database and multi-channel approach give it an edge for businesses looking for a more comprehensive strategy.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Key Features: and GMass Flex Their Muscles
  •’s Features and Their Benefits
  • GMass’s Features and Their Benefits
  • Pricing: The Cost of Cold Emailing
  • Pros and Cons: Unveiling the Real Deal
  • Feature-by-Feature Comparison: vs. GMass
  • Customer Support: Your Digital Guardian Angels
  • User Reviews: Hearing from the Crowd
  • FAQs: Your Burning Questions Answered
  • Final Verdict: The Decision


Cold email is not just about firing off messages; it’s an art. And every artist needs the right tools. and GMass are the Michelangelo and Da Vinci of cold email software, each with its own set of brushes and palettes. But which one will help you paint your Sistine Chapel of sales? Let’s dive in!

Key Features: and GMass Flex Their Muscles

Before you splurge on a software subscription, you need to know what you’re getting. These tools aren’t one-trick ponies; they’re Swiss Army knives of functionality. But which blade is sharper? Here’s a quick rundown of their key features to give you a taste of what’s cooking.’s Features and Their Benefits

Feature Importance in Cold Email
Multi-Channel Sequencing Diversify your outreach by sequencing touchpoints across multiple platforms.
Smart Features Tailor your outreach in real-time based on prospect interactions.
Jason AI Assistant Automate repetitive tasks like scheduling and follow-ups.
Consolidated Inbox Streamline email tracking by aggregating all threads into a single interface.
Reply Data Expand and refine your prospect list with a rich B2B database.
Improvement Tools Optimize email quality and gain insights into your sending schedule.

Multi-Channel Sequencing

What it is:

This feature allows you to create outreach sequences that span multiple channels: emails, LinkedIn messages, calls, and even SMS and WhatsApp.

Real-life example:

Imagine you’re a B2B marketer targeting C-suite executives. An email might catch their eye, but a LinkedIn message could seal the deal. Multi-channel sequencing lets you hit them from all angles for maximum impact.

Importance in Cold Email:

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, relying solely on one channel is like trying to win a car race on a tricycle. Prospects are scattered across various platforms, and Multi-Channel Sequencing allows you to meet them where they are. You can optimize your outreach by sequencing your touchpoints, which increases your chances of making a genuine connection. The more channels you effectively operate in, the higher the likelihood of capturing your prospect’s attention and, subsequently, their business.

Smart Features

What it is:

Smart Features offer a customized inbox and suggested actions based on how your prospects engage with your emails.

Real-life example:

Let’s say you sent a cold email to Jane, a potential client. She didn’t respond to the first one but opened the second. Smart Features would suggest a follow-up based on her activity.

Importance in Cold Email:

In a cluttered inbox, capturing your prospect’s attention is half the battle. The other half? Keeping it. Smart Features act as your virtual strategist, analyzing prospect interactions to recommend the most effective next steps. They help you tailor your approach in real-time, keeping your outreach as dynamic as the market you operate in. With these actionable insights, you’re not just shooting in the dark; you’re a sniper zeroing in on your target.

Jason AI Assistant

What it is:

Jason is’s AI assistant, supercharged by ChatGPT, designed to automate your outreach sequences, handle prospect responses, and even book meetings for you.

Real-life example:

Picture yourself swamped with meetings, and a golden opportunity lands in your inbox. Normally, scheduling a meeting would take a flurry of back-and-forths. Enter Jason. It reads the email, understands the context, and schedules the meeting without you lifting a finger.

Importance in Cold Email:

In the grand scheme of sales and marketing, time is your most precious commodity. Manual tasks like scheduling, follow-ups, and response handling can consume enormous chunks of your day. Jason AI is your productivity ninja, automating these repetitive tasks so you can focus on what truly matters: building relationships and closing deals. It’s like having an extra pair of hands, or perhaps a whole team, working in the background to supercharge your outreach efforts.

Consolidated Inbox

What it is:

A unified inbox that collates all threads from your sequences and team members into a single view.

Real-life example:

Imagine managing a sales team of five. Each member has their own sequence of emails going out. Normally, you’d have to switch between multiple inboxes to keep track. With the consolidated inbox, it’s all there in one place.

Importance in Cold Email:

In a sea of email threads, follow-ups, and notifications, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important. A consolidated inbox is your lighthouse in the storm, guiding you to the information that truly matters. It streamlines your workflow by aggregating all threads and sequences into a single interface, making it easier for you to manage your team’s performance. No more tab-jumping or application-switching; it’s a one-stop-shop for all your email tracking needs. This feature brings efficiency to the table, allowing you to make quicker, informed decisions and react in real-time to prospect engagement.

Reply Data

What it is:

This is a free B2B database that comes with, offering up to 140 million contacts. You also get a range of search filters like company location, contact phone, job title, and more.

Real-life example:

Let’s say you’re targeting IT managers in New York-based startups. With Reply Data, you simply set the filters and—voila!—a list of prime targets is served on a silver platter.

Importance in Cold Email:

In the realm of cold email, your list is your kingdom. A well-crafted email is only as good as the list it’s sent to. Reply Data is akin to a goldmine for prospecting. It not only expands the scope of your outreach but also refines it. With a rich database and granular search filters, you can find the exact type of prospects you’re looking for. This isn’t just throwing a wide net; it’s precision fishing. With access to such a treasure trove of contacts, you can craft highly targeted campaigns that speak directly to the needs and pain points of your audience, increasing the chances of conversion.

Improvement Tools

What it is: comes with a set of tools designed to optimize your email quality and offer insights into your sending schedule through the Outbox feature.

Real-life example:

After crafting what you think is the perfect email, the Quality Check tool flags it for spammy content. A quick tweak later, and you’re back in business.

Importance in Cold Email:

The final lap in the race to the prospect’s inbox is often the most crucial. You don’t want to stumble so close to the finish line. Improvement Tools are your sprint coaches, ensuring that every element of your email is up to the mark. The Quality Check tool acts as your final line of defence against spam triggers, helping you fine-tune your messages to slip through spam filters like a pro. The Outbox feature, on the other hand, gives you a bird’s-eye view of your sending schedule. It’s like having your own analytics dashboard but specifically for email timings. These tools enable you to perfect your game, ensuring that your emails not only reach the inbox but also make an impact.

That concludes our exploration of’s robust features, each meticulously designed to make your cold emailing efforts not just easier but phenomenally more effective. But we’re not done yet. How does stand toe-to-toe with GMass? Keep reading to find out.

GMass’s Features and Their Benefits

Feature Importance in Cold Email
Mail Merge with Google Sheets Personalize mass emails by integrating with Google Sheets.
Bypass Gmail’s Limitations Send large campaigns without hitting Gmail’s sending limits.
Behavior-Based Campaigns Segment audience based on prior interactions for targeted follow-ups.
Works Directly in Gmail Manage campaigns directly from the Gmail interface.
Automatic Reply Management Automatically sort and prioritize incoming replies with the help of The Reply Project for efficient response management.
Real-Time Advanced Reporting Gain real-time insights into campaign performance.
Email Polling Include quick surveys in emails for instant feedback.
Automatic Unsubscribe Management Automatically manage unsubscribes to keep your list clean.

Mail Merge with Google Sheets

What it is:

This feature allows you to connect GMass with Google Sheets, enabling you to send personalized mass emails using any of the columns in your spreadsheet.

Real-life example:

Imagine you have a Google Sheet with columns for First Name, Company, and Pain Point. You can create a single email template that pulls data from these columns to send highly personalized emails to hundreds of prospects at once.

Importance in Cold Email:

Generic emails are the white noise of the internet—easily ignored. Mail Merge transforms your outreach by personalizing each email down to specific details like the prospect’s name, company, and even their specific needs or challenges. This not only boosts engagement but also makes your emails feel less like spam and more like a tailored message. In an era where personalization is key to standing out, Mail Merge with Google Sheets is your secret weapon for making every prospect feel like they’re receiving a one-on-one message.

Bypass Gmail’s Limitations

What it is:

GMass employs an advanced distribution system that allows you to send a campaign to over 500 people (or 2,000 for Google Workspace) without violating Gmail’s sending limits.

Real-life example:

You’ve got a hot product update and a mailing list of 3,000 eager subscribers. Instead of slicing and dicing your list to fit Gmail’s restrictions, GMass takes care of it by automatically spreading the emails across days or employing an SMTP server.

Importance in Cold Email:

Email campaigns often involve large volumes of messages, and hitting Gmail’s sending limits can be a bottleneck. This feature is like having a VIP pass at a crowded club, allowing you to bypass the line and get straight to business. It lets you focus on the content and strategy of your emails, rather than getting bogged down by technical limitations. This is crucial for scalability, ensuring your outreach efforts aren’t hampered as your business grows.

Behavior-Based Campaigns

What it is:

GMass offers a range of behavioral segments for your prior campaigns, including those that were sent, opened, didn’t open, clicked, didn’t click, etc.

Real-life example:

Let’s say you sent an initial email to 1,000 prospects. 200 opened it but didn’t click the CTA. With Behavior-Based Campaigns, you can specifically target this segment with a follow-up email that aims to convert them.

Importance in Cold Email:

Understanding prospect behavior is like having a cheat sheet in a test. It gives you insights into what’s working and what’s not, allowing you to adapt your strategy accordingly. Behavior-Based Campaigns give you the power to segment your audience based on their interactions, so you can send targeted follow-ups that hit the mark. This feature is like your campaign’s GPS, guiding you towards higher engagement and conversion rates.

Works Directly in Gmail

What it is:

GMass integrates seamlessly with your Gmail interface, allowing you to manage your campaigns without having to navigate away to a different dashboard.

Real-life example:

Suppose you’re already a Gmail power user, comfortable with its layout and shortcuts. GMass fits right in, letting you launch and monitor campaigns from the same familiar interface.

Importance in Cold Email:

Learning curves are a drag, especially when time is of the essence. By working directly in Gmail, GMass reduces the friction of adopting a new tool. This is an invaluable feature for small teams or solo entrepreneurs who can’t afford the time to learn a new software environment. The convenience of staying within Gmail also streamlines your workflow, consolidating your emailing activities into one hub and saving you the hassle of constantly switching between platforms.

Automatic Reply Management

What it is:

This feature automatically organizes your responses, separating genuine replies from auto-responses and categorizing emails based on their positive or negative tone. Additionally, GMass offers a specialized tool called The Reply Project to help you efficiently manage and respond to these replies.

Real-life example:

You’ve just sent out a campaign and responses start trickling in. Normally, you’d sift through these manually to sort the real prospects from the noise. With Automatic Reply Management and The Reply Project, the system not only sorts but also helps you navigate through the responses more efficiently.

Importance in Cold Email:

Reply management can be a labyrinth of confusion, especially when you’re dealing with high volumes of responses. Automatic Reply Management is like having a personal assistant who handles the grunt work, letting you focus on meaningful interactions. The Reply Project takes this a step further by streamlining the process of actually responding to those sorted emails. By categorizing and prioritizing replies, and then facilitating quick responses, these features ensure that you don’t miss out on hot leads or urgent issues, thereby improving your responsiveness and ultimately, your customer relationships.

Real-Time Advanced Reporting

What it is:

GMass provides real-time reporting features that include domain-level reporting. You can view these reports within Gmail, the GMass dashboard, or on the web.

Real-life example:

You’ve just launched a campaign targeting multiple domains. With Real-Time Advanced Reporting, you can see which domains are generating the most engagement, allowing you to adjust your strategy on the fly.

Importance in Cold Email:

In the fast-paced game of email marketing, data is your playbook. Real-Time Advanced Reporting keeps you in the loop with actionable insights, so you can tweak your strategy in real-time. Whether it’s open rates, click-through rates, or engagement across different domains, this feature keeps you informed. It’s not just about collecting data; it’s about understanding it, and this feature serves it up in digestible, actionable chunks.

Email Polling

What it is:

This feature allows you to add quick one-question surveys to your email campaigns.

Real-life example:

You’re curious about why a segment of your list isn’t engaging with your content. Simply add a one-question poll in your next email asking for their main reason, and you get instant feedback.

Importance in Cold Email:

Feedback is the breakfast of champions, and Email Polling serves it up hot and fresh. By adding a simple question to your campaigns, you can glean valuable insights straight from the horse’s mouth. This can guide your future strategies and help you understand the needs and preferences of your audience better. It’s the simplest way to conduct market research without being intrusive, enhancing your relationship with your prospects by showing that you value their input.

Automatic Unsubscribe Management

What it is:

GMass offers an automatic unsubscribe management feature that takes care of adding an “unsubscribe” link to your emails and handling unsubscribes effectively.

Real-life example:

Let’s say you’ve launched a campaign to a list of 1,000 recipients. Among them, 20 decide to unsubscribe. Instead of manually removing these contacts from your list, GMass’s Automatic Unsubscribe Management takes care of it, ensuring that these contacts are not included in future campaigns.

Importance in Cold Email:

Nobody likes a crowded inbox, and the option to unsubscribe can actually be a positive feature, showcasing your respect for the recipient’s choices. This feature not only keeps you compliant with regulations like CAN-SPAM but also enhances your brand image by demonstrating that you respect your audience’s inbox and preferences. Moreover, automatic management of unsubscribes cleans up your list, leaving you with a more engaged and interested audience, thereby increasing the effectiveness of your campaigns.

And there we have it—the full suite of GMass’s features, each crafted to solve a unique challenge in the world of cold email marketing. These features aren’t just bells and whistles; they’re the nuts and bolts of an effective email marketing machine.

With both and GMass offering such a wide array of features, the choice between the two isn’t straightforward. As we dive into the upcoming sections on pricing, pros and cons, and customer reviews, the picture will become clearer.

Pricing: The Cost of Cold Emailing

When it comes to choosing the right cold email software, pricing is often the elephant in the room. It’s not just about the dollar signs; it’s about the value you get in return. Let’s crack open the piggy banks and see how and GMass stack up. Pricing Plans offers a variety of plans to suit different needs and also a free plan that includes the free database and AI sequence generator:

Note: All plans are billed annually.

Plan Monthly Cost per User Features Included
Free $0 200 data credits per month, AI sequence generator
Starter $60 1 mailbox, 1K data credits per month, Jason AI, email sequences, basic reports, and more
Professional $90 2 mailboxes, 1K data credits per month, Jason AI, everything in Starter plan plus multichannel sequences, advanced reports, and more
Custom Contact Sales 4 mailboxes, unlimited contacts, unlimited email search, everything in Professional plan plus advanced API access and more

Below, you can see all the features that each plan offers:

GMass Pricing Plans

GMass also offers flexible pricing options, catering to both small businesses and large enterprises and a generous free plan:

Plan Cost Per Month Cost Per Year Features Included
Free Plan $0 $0 All features with a sending limit of 50 email messages per day
Standard Plan $19.95 per user $199 per user Gmail integration, unlimited contacts and campaigns, mail merge personalization
Premium Plan $29.95 per user $299 per user Includes everything in the Standard plan plus A/B testing, sequences and follow-ups
Enterprise Plan $49.95 per user $499 per user All features

For a detailed breakdown of what each plan offers, check out below:

Pros and Cons: Unveiling the Real Deal

Alright, we’ve played nice, praising the robust features and dissecting the pricing. Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty—the pros and cons. Because let’s be real, no software is a bed of roses all the way. The Pros and Cons


  1. Multi-Channel Sequencing: This is a game-changer for anyone looking to cast a wider net in their outreach efforts.
  2. Smart Features and AI Assistant: These make more than just an email tool; it’s like having a virtual sales assistant.
  3. Rich B2B Database: With Reply Data, you don’t just get a tool; you get a treasure trove of potential leads.
  4. Scalability: From solo entrepreneurs to large enterprises, there’s a plan for everyone.


  1. Pricing: While feature-rich, can be on the pricier side, especially for small businesses or individual users.
  2. Learning Curve: With so many features, it might take a while to fully harness the platform’s capabilities.
  3. Unresponsive Chrome extension: Some users reported its extension as unresponsive. 

GMass: The Pros and Cons


  1. Simplicity: GMass is user-friendly and integrates seamlessly with Gmail, making it extremely easy to adopt.
  2. Mass Email Distribution: GMass excels in sending large-scale email campaigns without hitting Gmail’s sending limits, making it ideal for mass outreach.
  3. Affordable Pricing: Starting at $19.95 per month, it’s a budget-friendly option for smaller businesses.
  4. The Reply Project: This tool gives GMass an edge in efficient reply management, setting it apart from other solutions.
  5. Free plan: It includes all features 


  1. Limited to Gmail: If your organization doesn’t use Gmail, you’re out of luck.
  2. Lack of Multi-Channel Support: GMass focuses solely on email, which might be limiting if you’re looking for a more diversified outreach strategy.

Feature-by-Feature Comparison: The Showdown

When push comes to shove, it’s the features that make or break a tool. So, let’s put and GMass head-to-head in a feature-by-feature comparison, along with their free trial offers and costs. 

Features GMass
Multi-Channel Sequencing Yes No
Smart Features Yes (Jason AI and suggested actions based on prospect activity, customised inbox) Yes (Automatic Reply Management aided by Reply Project)
Consolidated Inbox Yes Yes
B2B Database Yes No
Improvement Tools like email quality check Yes No
Mail Merge with Google Sheets No Yes
Bypass Gmail’s Limitations No Yes
Behavior-Based Campaigns No Yes
Works Directly in Gmail No (needs integration) Yes
Real-Time Advanced Reporting No Yes
Email Polling No Yes
Automatic Unsubscribe Management Yes Yes
Free Trial 14 days No
Free Plan Yes (Limited features but free access to database) Yes (All features with email sending limit)
Cost Per Month Per User $60 – $90 $19.95 – $49.95

Customer Support: Your Lifeline in the Digital World

In the world of cold email marketing, having robust features and competitive pricing is great, but what about when things go south? That’s when customer support steps in as your unsung hero. Let’s take a look at how and GMass fare in this department. Customer Support

  1. Email Support
  2. Live Chat: Yes, typically in 15 minutes. 
  3. Resources: Help center, Webinars and more. 

GMass Customer Support

  1. Email Support: Available for all plans, including the free version.
  2. Live Chat: None.
  3. Resources: Blogs, FAQs and more. 

User Reviews: The Unsung Heroes

In a market flooded with tools and platforms, sometimes the most authentic insights come from the users themselves. Let’s hear what some of the everyday heroes—aka the users—have to say about and GMass. User Reviews

G2 Review

⭐️4.6 out of 5

GMass User Reviews

G2 Review

⭐️4.7 out of 5

FAQs: The Extended Cut

Hey, we get it—sometimes, you’ve got questions that didn’t get answered in the main act. So let’s tackle some additional FAQs for both and GMass that didn’t make it into the spotlight earlier. FAQs

1. Does integrate with CRM platforms and email providers?

Yes, offers Salesforce, HubSpot and Pipedrive integrations and more. Email provider integrations include Gmail, Outlook and more. 

2. How secure is Reply Data?

They use SSL/HTTPS for all network connections. This is the most efficient security protocol that ensures privacy and data integrity between communicating computer applications.

3. Does offer A/B testing?


GMass FAQs

1. Is there a mobile app for GMass?

No, only works on desktop. 

2. Does GMass offer A/B testing?


3. What type of integrations does GMass offer?

Has a native integration with Google Sheets. For more complex needs, options include the GMass API, webhooks, and Zapier. 

Final Verdict: 

We’ve dissected features, pored over pricing plans, and even gleaned insights from user reviews. Now, armed with all this information—and some fresh perspectives—let’s tackle the ultimate question: Which platform reigns supreme for cold email marketing, or GMass?

The Numbers vs. The Database

If we’re talking sheer volume of features, GMass has the upper hand. It’s packed with functionalities designed for Gmail users and is budget-friendly to boot. But don’t discount just yet. While it may lag in the quantity of features, it makes a compelling case with its free B2B database—a potential goldmine for anyone embarking on a cold email campaign.

The Budget Factor

GMass is undoubtedly the more budget-friendly option, with plans ranging from $19.95 to $49.95 per month. offers a wider array of features but at a cost, ranging from $60 to $90 per month.

The Cold Email Context

In the realm of cold emailing, both tools have their merits:

  • GMass: If you’re a Gmail user with a ready-to-go database, GMass offers a cost-effective, feature-rich solution for your cold email campaigns.
  • If you’re starting from scratch or are eyeing a more diversified, multi-channel strategy,’s free B2B database and broader feature set make it a compelling choice.

The Final Word

For those purely focused on Gmail-based, budget-friendly cold emailing, GMass would be my pick. It offers a multitude of features that can make your cold email campaigns efficient and effective.

However, if you’re venturing into cold emailing without a robust database or wish to encompass multiple channels in your outreach, would be the way to go. The free database is a game-changer, providing immediate access to a wealth of potential leads, and its multi-channel approach sets it apart.

So, when it comes to cold emailing, GMass offers quantity and cost-efficiency, while offers depth and data richness. Your ultimate choice hinges on your specific needs, strategy, and, of course, your budget.

Looking for more options? We’ve got you covered. Dive into our comprehensive list of 22 of the Best Cold Email Tools for more insights.

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