In-Depth Comparison: Snovio vs Lemlist for Cold Emailing

When comparing Snovio vs. Lemlist for cold email marketing, both have their merits. Snovio shines with its email finder feature, unlimited sender accounts, and a more generous free trial, making it ideal for small businesses and individual marketers. Lemlist, on the other hand, excels in multi-channel prospecting and deliverability monitoring but comes at a higher price point, making it suitable for larger teams and enterprises. Your choice between Snovio and Lemlist should hinge on your specific needs, whether it’s extensive lead generation or advanced campaign monitoring.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction: Setting the Stage for Snovio vs. Lemlist
  2. Key Features: The Aces up Snovio and Lemlist’s Sleeves
  3. Breaking Down Lemlist’s Features
  4. Breaking Down Snovio’s Features
  5. Pricing: The Price Tag Battle
  6. Pros and Cons: The Whole Nine Yards
  7. Head-to-Head Comparison: Snovio vs. Lemlist
  8. Customer Support: Your Digital Guardian Angel
  9. User Reviews: The Voice of the Market
  10. FAQs: Your Burning Questions Answered
  11. Final Verdict: Making Your Choice

Introduction: Setting the Stage for Snovio vs. Lemlist

Ah, the eternal debate: Snovio or Lemlist? Which tool will get you popping champagne? In the red-hot world of B2B marketing, choosing the right cold email software is like picking your star player. Time to roll those sleeves up and dissect these giants, feature by feature, buck by buck.

Key Features: The Aces up Snovio and Lemlist’s Sleeves

Let’s cut to the chase. Cold email tools are about more than just hitting the ‘Send’ button; they’re about hitting the right note with your prospects.

Breaking Down Lemlist’s Features

Feature Key Benefits Importance
Chrome Extension Instant lead capture from LinkedIn Eliminates manual data entry, speeding up your outreach process
Multi-Channel Prospecting Outreach across email, LinkedIn, and APIs Expands your reach beyond email, capturing attention across platforms
Deliverability Monitor Keeps track of email deliverability Helps avoid spam folders, increasing your email open rates
Advanced Personalization Text, image, and video personalization Enhances engagement by making each email uniquely tailored

Chrome Extension

The Chrome Extension feature is more than just a convenience; it’s a time-saver. In the fast-paced world of sales, every second counts. The ability to instantly add a prospect to your campaign while browsing LinkedIn can drastically reduce lead generation time.

Real-life Example: Let’s say you’re a B2B marketer scrolling through LinkedIn and spot the CEO of a startup you’ve been targeting. With a single click on the Lemlist Chrome Extension, their details are saved, ready to be included in your next cold email campaign.

Multi-Channel Prospecting

Multi-channel prospecting ensures you’re not putting all your eggs in the email basket. In today’s fragmented digital landscape, your prospects could be more active on LinkedIn or other platforms. By not limiting yourself to email, you increase the chances of your message being seen and acted upon.

Real-life Example: You’re running a campaign targeting HR professionals. Beyond just emailing, you also engage them on LinkedIn with a soft connection request and a follow-up message. This multi-touch approach increases the likelihood of your message resonating.

Deliverability Monitor

Deliverability is often an overlooked aspect of email marketing. What’s the point of crafting a perfect email if it ends up in the spam folder? The Deliverability Monitor keeps you in the loop about your emails’ health, ensuring they actually reach your prospects’ inboxes. This tool monitors the deliverability score before, during and after sending campaigns. 

Real-life Example: Before sending out an important campaign, you check your deliverability score and find it’s on the lower side. You then take corrective actions like warming up your email account before hitting the ‘send’ button.

Advanced Personalization with Automated Images, Texts, Videos and more

Personalization is not just about adding the prospect’s name in the email; it’s about making the email relevant to them. With advanced text, image, and video personalization, you can craft messages that resonate with the prospect’s specific pain points or interests, making it far more likely they’ll engage with your email.

Real-life Example: You’re emailing a list of bloggers to review your new software tool. Instead of a generic message, you personalize the image to include their blog’s name and a tailored video explaining why your tool would be useful for their audience.

Breaking Down Snovio’s Features

Feature Key Benefits Importance in Cold Email Automation
Email AI Assistant Quick and high-quality emails High-quality and personalization for each client
Email Finder Finds pre-verified leads via an extensive database Saves time and increases the quality of leads
Email Finder Chrome Extension One-click lead generation from LinkedIn Streamlines the lead generation process, making it efficient
Unlimited Sender Accounts Scale your email campaigns infinitely Allows for business growth without changing platforms

Email AI Assistant

Get more with less effort, thanks to Snovio’s Email AI assistant. Whether it’s cooking up fresh emails, refining what you already have, setting the tone, or offering translations, it’s a win-win. You get to save time, bank on quality, and be a chameleon in any setting. 

Real-life Example: Jenny, a sales rep, has to send out 50 cold emails a day. Using Snovio’s Email AI assistant, she’s able to draft highly customized emails in half the time.

Email Finder 

The Email Finder feature is not just a directory but a targeted lead-generation tool. It uses multiple search options, like Boolean Search, to find leads according to domains, names, locations, positions, or skills. This targeted approach ensures that the emails you send are relevant to the recipients, thereby increasing your chances of engagement and conversions

Real-life Example: You’re a recruiter looking for software developers skilled in Python. Using Snovio’s Email Finder with Boolean Search, you find a list of qualified candidates, making your outreach more targeted and effective..

Email Finder Chrome Extension

Similar to Lemlist, Snovio’s Chrome Extension allows you to add leads directly from LinkedIn to your campaigns. The key difference is that Snovio’s extension is fine-tuned to work seamlessly with its Email Finder, making it a cohesive part of Snovio’s overall offering. The easier it is to add quality leads to your campaigns, the quicker you can start engaging them.

Real-life Example: You’re attending a virtual LinkedIn event and come across several profiles that fit your client’s customer persona. You can instantly click on Snovio’s Chrome Extension to add these profiles to your email campaign list.

Unlimited Sender Accounts

The ability to add unlimited sender accounts is crucial for scalability. As your business grows, your cold email campaigns will likely become more complex and numerous. With Snovio, you don’t have to worry about hitting an account limit, allowing you to scale your efforts without friction.

Real-life Example: Your marketing agency just landed several new clients that require separate email campaigns. With Snovio’s unlimited sender accounts, you can manage all these campaigns under one roof, avoiding the hassle of switching platforms or managing multiple accounts.

Pricing: The Price Tag Battle

Snovio Pricing PlansThe Lowdown on Snovio’s Plans

Snovio offers a variety of plans to cater to different business needs, whether you’re a small business just starting out or a larger enterprise with more extensive requirements.

Plan Cost Per Month (If Billed Monthly) Cost Per Month (If Billed Yearly) Features
Starter Plan $39 $30 1,000 credits, 5,000 email recipients, unlimited sender accounts, 1 mailbox warm-up, bulk verification, Email AI assistant and more
Pro Plan $99 $75 5,000 credits, 10,000 email recipients, unlimited sender accounts, 3 mailbox warm-ups, everything in the Starter plan plus email A/B testing and more.
Managed Starting at $2,999 Only Monthly Billing Custom lead gen & outreach, 1,000+ SOM companies, 1,000+ ICP contacts, 1,000+ UVP messages, AI playbook, 20-40 meetings per quarter

Below, you can see all the features that each plan offers:

Lemlist Pricing Plans

For Lemlist, the Email Outreach Plan is ideal for small businesses or individual marketers. On the other hand, the Sales Engagement Plan is a better fit for larger teams or enterprises with more extensive outreach needs.

Plan Cost Per Month Per Seat (If Billed Monthly) Cost Per Month Per Seat (If Billed Yearly) Features Included
Email Outreach Plan $59 $50 250 tokens, unlimited workflows and emails
Sales Engagement Plan $99 $83 500 tokens, all Email Outreach Plan features, Automated LinkedIn steps and more.
Enterprise Custom Custom All Email Outreach plans plus a dedicated account manager and more.

Below, you can see all the features that each plan offers:  

Pros and Cons: The Whole Nine Yards



  • Powerful lead generation capabilities 
  • Has flexible pricing
  • Easy use and setup
  • Offers Google Chrome extension
  • Good customer service


  • Lacks multi-channel capabilities in basic plans 
  • No deliverability monitor prior to sending campaigns 
  • Email verification found to be moderate by some users



  • Simple and attractive user interface
  • Advanced personalization with image, video and website variables
  • It has powerful automation features that simply set up drip campaigns and follow-up


  • No lead database
  • Chrome extension is only available in higher-priced sales engagement plan 
  • Some users faced billing issues like double charges

Head-to-Head Comparison: Snovio vs. Lemlist

Features Snovio Lemlist
Chrome Extension for LinkedIn Yes Yes, but in a higher-priced plan
Multi-channel prospecting in basic plans No Yes
Email Warm-Ups Yes Yes
Unlimited Sender Accounts Yes No
Deliverability Monitor Prior to Sending Campaigns No Yes
Email Finder Yes No
AI Features Yes Yes
Free Trial 150 credits and 100 email recipients for a month 14 days
Cost Per Month (If Billed Monthly) $39 / $99 $59 / $99
Cost Per Month (If Billed Annually) $30 / $75 $50 / $83

Customer Support: Your Digital Guardian Angel


  • Live Chat: Get instant responses
  • Email Support: For detailed solutions
  • Resources and Help Center 


  • Live Chat: Instant answers
  • Knowledge Base: A plethora of articles and courses 

User Reviews: The Voice of the Market


Snovio users often highlight the lead generation capabilities as a life-saver. 

G2 Review

⭐️4.5 out of 5


Along with its powerful features, Lemlist also shines with its helpful customer support. 

G2 Review

⭐️4.1 out of 5

FAQs: Your Burning Questions Answered


1. Do these tools integrate with CRM platforms?

Yes, both can integrate with popular CRM platforms like HubSpot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, etc. 

2. Can I import/export contact lists?

Yes, both allow you to import and export contact lists.


1. Do they offer A/B testing for emails?

  • Snovio: Snovio offers A/B testing only in Pro plan 
  • Lemlist: A/B testing is present in both plans. 

2. Are there any language limitations for Snovio?

  • Snovio: It can be used in English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish and Ukrainian; more languages will be coming soon. 

Final Verdict: Making Your Choice

When it comes to cold email software, Snovio and Lemlist both bring their unique strengths to the table. Here’s the scoop based on the comparison:


  1. Chrome Extension for LinkedIn: Both tools offer this, but Lemlist only includes it in a higher-priced plan. Advantage: Snovio.
  2. Multi-channel Prospecting: Lemlist offers this feature in its basic plans, while Snovio does not. Advantage: Lemlist.
  3. Email Warm-Ups: Both tools offer this, making it a tie.
  4. Unlimited Sender Accounts: Snovio allows for unlimited sender accounts, while Lemlist doesn’t. Advantage: Snovio.
  5. Deliverability Monitor: Only Lemlist offers this feature, which is crucial for ensuring your campaign’s success. Advantage: Lemlist.
  6. Email Finder: Snovio offers this feature, while Lemlist does not. Advantage: Snovio.
  7. AI Features: Both tools offer AI capabilities, making this another tie.

Free Trial

Snovio offers a month-long free trial with 150 credits and 100 email recipients, while Lemlist offers a 14-day free trial. If you’re looking for a more extended trial period, Snovio takes the cake.


Snovio’s monthly pricing starts at 39€, and its annual pricing starts at 30€. Lemlist’s monthly and annual pricing start at $59 and $50, respectively. While the currencies differ, both offer competitive pricing options tailored to different business needs. However, Lemlist’s pricing could be a bit steep if you’re looking for more basic features like a LinkedIn Chrome Extension included in the base price.

So, What’s the Bottom Line?

If you’re a small business or a solo marketer looking for essential features like LinkedIn integration and email finder at a reasonable price, Snovio might be the better fit for you. On the other hand, if you’re a larger team or enterprise seeking advanced features like multi-channel prospecting and deliverability monitoring, Lemlist could be your go-to.

Remember, the best tool for you depends on your specific needs, budget, and the scale of your operations. Both Snovio and Lemlist offer strong capabilities, so weigh your options and make the choice that gives your cold email campaigns the edge they deserve.

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