vs Mailshake: Which is the Best Cold Email Software?

When it comes to cold email campaigns, and Mailshake offer unique strengths. excels with a free email database, multiple APIs, and unlimited seats, making it a comprehensive choice for businesses seeking versatility and control. Mailshake shines in AI email writing and multi-channel prospecting but lacks a monthly billing option. In terms of cost, offers 500 monthly emails for €49, while Mailshake requires a combined minimum of $107 for similar functionality. In our opinion, offers a more robust and cost-effective feature set tailored for cold email campaigns, making it the better choice for businesses with diverse needs. 

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Key Features: The Spotlight on and Mailshake
  •’s Features and Their Perks
  • Mailshake’s Features and Their Advantages
  • Pricing: The Dollar Signs
  • Pros and Cons: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
  • Feature-by-Feature Comparison: vs Mailshake
  • Customer Support: The Unsung Heroes
  • User Reviews: The Court of Public Opinion
  • FAQs: Questions You Didn’t Know You Had
  • Final Verdict: The Showdown


Cold emailing is not just firing off a bunch of messages and hoping for the best. It’s an art. And like any artist, you need the right tools. That’s where and Mailshake come into play. Both are powerful, but each has its own unique flavor. Keep reading to find your perfect match.

Key Features: The Spotlight on and Mailshake

Okay, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. Here’s where we unwrap the Christmas gifts that are and Mailshake’s features.

  • Email Account Rotation
  • Email Finder
  • Email Tracking
  • Campaign Scheduling
  • Various APIs


  • AI Email Writing with SHAKEspeare
  • Data Finder
  • Lead Catcher
  • Multi-channel Prospecting
  • Mail Merge
  • Automated Follow-Ups‘s Features and Their Perks

Feature What it Does Benefits
Email Account Rotation Sends campaigns from multiple email accounts Lower spam risk; diversified sender IDs
Email Finder Finds emails by name, company, or in bulk Higher accuracy; saves time
Email & Domain Tracking Tracks when emails are opened or clicked; custom domain tracking Real-time alerts; full customer journey tracking
Campaign Scheduling Schedules campaigns for specific times Freedom to choose optimal send times; more organized campaigns
Various APIs Multiple APIs for custom integration Streamlined lead generation and campaign management; customization to the nth degree

Email Account Rotation

Imagine you’re running a campaign for a new SaaS tool aimed at freelance graphic designers. You’ve got a list of 2,000 potential leads to hit. If you send all 2,000 emails from one account, you risk landing in the spam folder. With’s email account rotation, you can distribute these emails across multiple accounts, making each send look more organic.


  • Lower chance of getting flagged as spam: It’s like having multiple speakers at a conference; it keeps the audience engaged.
  • Greater reach with diversified sender IDs: Think of it as casting a wider net in the ocean. More fish, right?

Email Finder

Say you’re looking to contact the marketing department of a big tech firm. Normally, you’d scour LinkedIn, company websites, or even Twitter for possible leads. With, you type in the company name, and voila—you have a list of verified emails from that company’s marketing department.


  • Higher chances of finding the right contact: No more shooting in the dark.
  • Saves time: You can focus on crafting that perfect email instead.

Email Tracking and Custom Domain Tracking

You’ve sent out a cold email campaign for your e-commerce consultancy service. Now you’re twiddling your thumbs, wondering if anyone’s even seen it. With’s email tracking, you know exactly when someone opens your email or clicks a link.


  • Real-time alerts: Imagine knowing the exact moment someone opens your email—powerful stuff!
  • Custom domain tracking: Get the full story, from the moment they read your email to the point they visit your website.

Campaign Scheduling

You’ve got a killer product aimed at C-suite executives. Research shows these folks check their emails first thing in the morning. With, you can schedule your campaign to hit their inboxes right when they’re sipping their morning coffee.


  • Freedom to choose the best time: You’re the puppet master of your campaign.
  • More organized campaigns: Plan today, relax tomorrow.

Various APIs

You’re a tech-savvy marketer with a customized CRM system. The thought of manually importing and exporting data sends shivers down your spine.’s range of APIs lets you integrate its powerful features directly into your CRM.


  • Streamlined processes: It’s like having a personal assistant that takes care of the tedious stuff.
  • Custom campaigns: Get as geeky as you want with your email campaigns.

Mailshake‘s Features and Their Advantages

Feature What it Does Benefits
SHAKEspeare AI-generated email content Stand out from the crowd; save time
Data Finder Finds prospects by role, location, or company Targeting accuracy; efficiency
Lead Catcher Sorts leads into different categories Easier lead management; faster response times
Multi-channel Prospecting Reaches out via email, LinkedIn, and cold calls Diverse outreach; higher reach
Mail Merge Personalizes emails Higher engagement; increased conversions
Automated Follow-ups Sends follow-up emails automatically Consistent engagement; time-saving

AI Email Writing with SHAKEspeare

Let’s say you’re terrible at writing. Forming a simple sentence is as hard as climbing Everest. With SHAKEspeare, you input some basic info, and out comes a beautifully crafted email.


  • Stand out: Your emails will read like Shakespeare, not a robot.
  • Time-saving: No more agonizing over each word and sentence.

Data Finder

You’re targeting real estate agents in New York for a new CRM tool you’ve developed. With Mailshake’s Data Finder, you can pinpoint this exact demographic, ensuring your emails land in the right inboxes.


  • Target accuracy: It’s like having a sniper rifle instead of a shotgun.
  • Efficiency: No more wasted bullets—er, I mean emails.

Lead Catcher

You’ve got a mixed bag of leads—some hot, some cold, and some lukewarm. Mailshake’s Lead Catcher acts like a sieve, sorting these leads into different buckets for you.


  • Easy management: No more juggling a chaotic inbox.
  • Faster responses: Reply to hot leads while they’re still hot.

Multi-channel Prospecting

Your product appeals to a broad audience. Some are active on LinkedIn, while others prefer a good old-fashioned phone call. Mailshake lets you reach out across multiple platforms.


  • Diverse outreach: One size doesn’t fit all.
  • Higher reach: More lines in the water means more fish.

Mail Merge

Imagine you’re running a campaign for a new line of organic dog food. With Mailshake’s mail merge, you can personalize each email to include the pet’s name, making the pitch more engaging for the pet owner.


  • Higher engagement: People love it when you remember their names—or their dog’s name.
  • Increased conversions: Personalization makes people feel special, and special people buy stuff.

Automated Follow-ups

You’ve sent out the first email, but no bites yet. Instead of manually sending follow-up emails, Mailshake automates the process for you. Say you’re running a webinar on content marketing. Your first email announces the webinar; the follow-up could be a sneak peek into the topics covered.


  • Consistent engagement: You’re constantly in their face—but in a good way.
  • Time-saving: Set it and forget it.

Pricing: The Dollar Signs

Let’s revisit the money talk, but this time, we’ll delve into what you’re actually getting for your bucks. Pricing Plans offers a Free Plan and three paid plans and offers unlimited seats. 

Plan Cost per Month (If Billed Monthly) Cost per Month (If Billed Yearly) Features Included
Free Plan Free Free 50 monthly verifications, 25 monthly searches, one connected email account, browser extensions, unlimited team members, Regular Support
Starter Plan 49€ 34€ 500 monthly searches, 1,000 monthly verifications, 3 connected email accounts, browser extensions, Priority support
Growth Plan 149€ 104€ 5,000 monthly searches, 10,000 monthly verifications, 10 connected email accounts, custom tracking domain, Priority support
Business Plan 499€ 349€ 50,000 monthly searches, 100,000 monthly verifications, 20 connected email accounts, Priority support, Account manager

Here is a snapshot of all the features that each plan of offers to make things easy for you:

Mailshake Pricing Plans 

Mailshake offers two types of plans: Engagement Plans and Data Finder Plans. This means that you need to buy a separate plan for data credits. 

Mailshake Engagement Plans

Plan Monthly Cost per user Features
Email Outreach Plan $58 Mail accounts from any provider, email warm-up service, advanced scheduling
Sales Engagement Plan $83 All features of Email Outreach Plan plus power phone dialer, LinkedIn automation

Mailshake Data Finder Plans

Plan Monthly Cost Credits
Starter Plan $49 1,000
Pro Plan $99 2,500
Enterprise Plan $249 12,500

Note: All engagement and data finder plans are billed annually.

Here is a snapshot of all the features that each engagement plan offers

Pros and Cons: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Every tool has its strengths and weaknesses. Knowing these can help you make an informed decision. Let’s dissect them.


  • Versatile Email Finding: Whether you’re looking for an email by name, by company, or even in bulk, has your back.
  • Comprehensive APIs: Ideal for those who love to get their hands dirty with custom integrations.
  • Campaign Scheduling: Gives you the freedom to send emails at optimal times, even if that’s at 3 a.m.
  • User-friendly interface: Makes using the tool easy.
  • Unlimited users: Pricing plans have unlimited seats, so there are no per-user charges 


  • Cost: The features come at a price, and it might be a bit steep for small businesses or solo entrepreneurs.
  • Limited verification: Does not verify personal emails, only professional ones



  • AI Email Writing: SHAKEspeare practically crafts your emails for you. Who wouldn’t want that?
  • Multi-channel Prospecting: It’s like having multiple fishing rods in the water at the same time.
  • Automated Follow-ups: Because, let’s face it, following up manually is a pain.


  • Price Point: You need to buy a separate plan besides your Sales Engagement plan to collect leads, so can be pricey. 
  • Limited APIs: Unlike, Mailshake doesn’t offer as many APIs for custom integration.
  • No annual payment discount

Feature-by-Feature Comparison: vs Mailshake

Key Features Mailshake
Email Account Rotation ✔️
Free Email Database ✔️
Email Tracking ✔️ ✔️
Campaign Scheduling ✔️ ✔️
Various APIs ✔️
AI Email Writing ✔️
Data Finder ✔️(has monthly search limitations) ✔️ (need to buy a data finder plan after 50 credits)
Multi-channel Prospecting ✔️
Mail Merge ✔️
Free Trial No free trial but offers a free plan 50 credits for data finding
Unlimited Seats ✔️
Cost Per Month (If Billed Monthly) 49€ – 499€ No monthly billing option
Cost Per Month (If Billed Annually) 34€ – 349€ Engagement plans: $58 – $83
Data Finder Plans: $49 – $249

Customer Support: The Unsung Heroes

You’re stuck. Something went wrong, and you have no idea how to fix it. That’s when customer support swoops in like a superhero. Here’s how and Mailshake stack up:

  • Live Chat: Replies typically in 1- hour
  • Email Support


  • Email Support
  • Live Chat: Yes, also replies within 1-hour

User Reviews: The Court of Public Opinion

What’s better than hearing from people who’ve actually used these tools? Let’s see what the users have to say.

G2 Review

⭐️4.4 out of 5


G2 Review

⭐️4.7 out of 5

FAQs: Questions That You Might Have

  • What integrations does it offer?

You can integrate Hunter with your CRM systems such as HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive and other apps like Gmail, Google Workspace, Outlook, and Microsoft 365. Also, you can integrate with Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, platforms like Zapier or 3rd party platforms like Woodpecker. 

  • How many follow-ups can I include in an Email Campaign?

Up to 5 follow-ups per campaign. For each follow-up, you can choose the waiting period before the follow-up is automatically sent (from 1 to 30 days)


  • How does SHAKEspeare work? 

It’s an AI that crafts emails based on the information you provide.

  • What integrations does it offer? 

You can integrate LinkedIn and Social media like Facebook plus HubSport, SalesForce, Pipedrive and your email providers such as G Suite and Outlook to save time and generate more revenue. 

Final Verdict: The Showdown

Alright, folks, this is it—the moment of truth. You’ve got all the facts, weighed all the pros and cons, and now it’s time for the final verdict. and Mailshake have gone head-to-head, feature-for-feature.

The Verdict

So, which tool should you pick for your cold email campaigns? Drumroll, please… 🥁

If you’re looking for a feature-rich, all-in-one solution and you’re willing to shell out a bit more, is the way to go. It offers a free email database, multiple APIs, unlimited seats, and email tracking—pretty much everything you’d want for a comprehensive cold email strategy. Plus, the option for monthly billing makes it more flexible.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, offers 500 monthly emails at €49, whereas Mailshake provides 1,000 monthly credits for data finding at $49 but requires an additional Email Outreach Plan at $58 to fully utilize those credits. This puts Mailshake at a combined minimum cost of $107 for similar functionalities, making the more cost-effective option.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more specialized tool that excels in AI email writing and multi-channel prospecting, Mailshake is your guy. However, it’s crucial to note that Mailshake doesn’t offer monthly billing, and you’ll need to buy a separate Data Finder Plan after using up your initial 50 credits.

The Opinion

Based on the comprehensive feature set and the cost comparison, seems to be the better and more cost-effective option for cold email campaigns. It offers a higher degree of customization and control, making it a more versatile choice for businesses that have diverse needs and a larger team.

There you have it. The ball’s in your court now. Choose wisely, and may your inbox be flooded with responses! 

Looking for more options? We’ve got you covered. Dive into our comprehensive list of 22 of the Best Cold Email Tools for more insights.

Further Reading 

Take a look at our other comprehensive comparisons of and Mailshake with other leading cold email tools. And for those diving deeper, our articles on choosing the best email finder tools and more will equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions. Explore now and transform your email strategy!

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